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Welcome to Rigsby Rentals, an apartment rental business located in Lake City, Florida. We rent apartments, mobile homes, and houses. Below is a listing of available units. Please call if you have any questions.

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Available Units
Property Type Unit Bedrooms/Baths Water/Sewer
and Trash
Monthly Rent Required
Gross Income
Move-in Special Total Move-in
The move-in cost is either a 1) move-in special plus a deposit plus application fee(s) or 2) the first months rent plus a deposit plus application fee(s). The deposit and availability of a move-in special are dependent on applicant qualifications. The "Total Move-in" shown above is a move-in special plus a standard deposit plus one application fee. The actual total move-in depends on number of applicants and qualification for move-in special pricing. If a prorated rent is applied it will be applied on the second month of a lease.
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Application process

application iconTo qualify for a move-in special you will need to make times the rent in gross monthly income. You should be free of evictions and major felonies. You should have a good rental history. Lack of prior rent experience is a disqualification for a move-in special but is not a disqualification to rent. We may still rent to you if you do not meet our normal qualifications.

A background check is involved in the application process. If you lie on your application you will be denied and no amount of additional money will allow us to rent to you. The background check will look for evictions and criminal record throughout the United States.

The first thing you will do is fill out an application. This application will ask about your rental and income history. It will take up to 24 hours to process. The application fee of is due up front and is not refundable. Some things we need for the application process:

How much do I need to move in?

living room iconQualifying renters will pay a move-in special which covers your first month rent. In addition, there will be a security deposit of , application fee of , and pet fee (if applicable).

In the event that the requirements are not met, the renter will not be eligible for a move-in special and may be required to pay an additional security deposit.

What is a move-in special?

move-in iconA move-in special is a reduced first months rent. In the event you move in during a partial month you will pay a prorated rent on your second month. The move-in special is reserved for tenants that fully qualify based on the requirements above. In the event of early termination of the lease, the renter will pay a penalty that is the difference between this move-in special and the normal monthly rent.

Is there a pet fee?

puppy iconFor those units that allow pets, there is a non-refundable pet fee of . No pet may exceed 25 pounds as an adult. A pet fee is required whether you are baby sitting a pet for a family member for a day or keeping it for yourself for the entire term of your lease. Certain breeds of dogs are not allowed such as Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepard and others, regardless of weight. All pets must be approved by management. If a pet is found that is not allowed or the pet fee is not paid you will be given a notice to remove the animal. Failure to remove the animal will result in eviction and a civil record.

Can I hold an apartment?

We will hold an apartment for up to two weeks for a non refundable deposit of . This deposit will be applied towards your move-in costs should you rent the property, otherwise it is forfeit.

Lease Terms

The minimum lease term we will do is 7 months due to local sales tax laws. The maximum lease term we will do is 12 months. We do not do month to month leases. When the original 7 or 12 month lease runs out and you still pay rent at the beginning of the month, we will extend the lease duration by one month, at which point it may be considered a month to month lease. In reality it is an extension of the original lease.

What are the age requirements?

A lease is a contract, an obligation for the renter to pay the rent for the entire duration of a lease whether or not the renter actually resides in the rental unit unless an agreement is made to terminate a lease early. Since a lease is a contract, and only adults 18 years of age and older may sign contracts, the minimum age to rent is 18 years old. We are not required to allow you to terminate your lease and walk away just as we are not allowed to throw you out without cause. In the event of an early termination there may be a termination fee. In the event a move-in special was paid for the first month rent, the difference between the move-in special and one months rent will be paid as a termination fee in addition to any other applicable charges.

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